Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rapidograph Pens

In my Drawing II class last year (wow, it has been a year) I had a chance to try out Rapidograph pens. These things are pretty cool but at the time I figured I would never own a set as they cost about $170 for the set like the one below or $33 for a single pen, ouch! Well, last weekend I was out with the family and we stopped in at our local Michael's craft store. I always checkout the art and drawing sections. As we were checking out I took a look at the security locker at the front of the store - the place where they keep the pricey stuff. Sure enough they had dozens of these pens sets but they were on clearance. I was able to get this set for $50! I have done a little experimenting with them so far. They are pretty amazing pens and the set goes from small to microscopic. The only drawback is that you must fill the pens for each use and clean them after each use. They say you can leave the ink in the pens for 2 weeks but with the dry AZ air I am sure they would not last that long. Cleaning them is a pain and can be very messy. I am hoping this may, however, get me back to doing some drawing. These things are cool.